Faculty Secretariat – University of Copenhagen

Faculty Secretariat

The Faculty Secretariat's most important task is to assist the management and to support the Faculty's core tasks within research, education, dissemination and cooperation with the business community, authorities and society.

The Faculty Secretariat must ensure that the general administration of the Faculty is based on common rules and guidelines. With this end in view, the Secretariat provides advice and guidance to departments and centres on issues related to the areas mentioned above.

The Faculty Secretariat is headed by Henrik Zobbe, Faculty Director, and comprises 10 administrative units:

Dean’s Office

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SCIENCE Campus Service Operation

SCIENCE Campus Service Operation is responsible for operation, maintenance and service of the buildings and grounds at the Faculty’s areas, i.e. buildings, facilities and grounds at North Campus, Frederiksberg Campus and parts of City Campus. A total area of 444,000 m2.

Head of SCIENCE Campus Service Operation is Søren P. Hassing. See a list of all members of staff in SCIENCE Campus Service Operation.

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SCIENCE Campus Service Planning

SCIENCE Campus Service Planning manages activities concerning the development and planning of faculty campus areas and construction projects. This involves project management related to:

  • Stakeholder involvement, in connection with planning and building.
  • Quality assurance (inspections), of building processes and results, in collaboration with the faculty’s operations unit, stakeholder groups, work environment team and faculty management.
  • Collaboration and coordination, with UCPH and the Danish Building and Property Agency.

Work Environment are based in Service Planning

SCIENCE Campus  Service Planning may be reached at (tel.) 35 33 31 13 or at: spp@science.ku.dk

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SCIENCE Private and Public Sector Services

SCIENCE Private and Public Sector Services is responsible for strategic and development tasks with the aim of strengthening the faculty's cooperation with industry, authorities and unions. The office is also hosting the Faculty's environment for entrepreneurial students, SCIENCE Innovation Hub. The tasks are solved in close cooperation with the faculty management and administration, the academic communities and the students at the SCIENCE institutes, in addition to national and international collaborators.

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SCIENCE Research and Innovation

SCIENCE Research and Innovation is the faculty unit responsible for research and innovation, as well as the secretariat for the PhD school and student innovation and entrepreneurship.

The unit advises and assists sections and researchers, as well as management, in relation to applications for internal, external and international funding. The unit also provides assistance to department based researchers and administrative staff in both application and contract phases. Visit the Researcher Portal on KUnet to find out more about the unit, get help with your application, browse current calls from various councils and foundations, as well as find helpful information about writing workshops and informational meetings

In the PhD area, the unit works to implement University of Copenhagen PhD recruitment and programme strategies, in association with departmental PhD administrative units and the faculty’s researcher education programme. The PhD secretariat serves the head of the PhD school, the PhD committee where it handles administration, operations and development activities.

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SCIENCE HR performs recruitment on behalf of the Deanery that includes the recruitment of permanent assistant professors, associate professors, professors, associate deans and department heads. The unit also advises in relation to recruitment procedures, staff development programmes and skills development.

We have specialised legal competencies for legal interpretation, advising and dismissals in relation to the institution. We also have special qualifications for advising in relation to staff related challenges confronted by management.

SCIENCE HR manages the faculty’s pay policy, personnel policies, etc. in accordance with the University of Copenhagen’s personnel policy guidelines.

We communicate and coordinate with the university’s central administration with regards to general issues, and with faculty departments and administrative centres with regards to the development and implementation of initiatives.

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SCIENCE Study Administration

SCIENCE Study Administration manages the daily administration and operation of educational activities, as well as administrative support for area development.

SCIENCE Study Administration provides secretarial assistance for councils and boards in the area of education. Counselling, guidance and contact with students is also based at SCIENCE Study Administration.

Karen Rønnow is the head of unit.

SCIENCE Study Administration is composed of the following secretariat/sections:

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The head of SCIENCE Finance is René N. Birch. SCIENCE Finance is an administrative unit at the SCIENCE Faculty Secretariat. SCIENCE Finance consists of two sections: the Budget Section and the Accounting Section. 

SCIENCE Finance is located on the first floor of the main building at Bülowsvej 17, 1870 Frederiksberg C. The leader of the Budget section is René N. Birch, and the leader of the Accounting Section is Morten Estrup.

Budget Section

The Budget Section draws up the Faculty’s overall budget, conducts budget follow-up, is responsible for internal distribution of grants to departments and other grant holders and carries out control of grant funding and provides advice to the Faculty’s grant holders in questions related to handling of funds. The Budget Section is responsible for preparing the Faculty’s management information and various financial analyses, strategy papers, contract management and procurement.

Employees in the Budget Section 

Accounting Section

The Accounting Section is responsible for ensuring correct and timely processing of purchase and sales invoices, control of travel expense reimbursements, transfers, registrations, balancing cash and bank accounts, etc with a view to ensuring that the Faculty’s accounting figures are accurate and can be used as a basis for the total financial management.

Employees in the Accounting Section 

Furthermore, SCIENCE Finance performs secretarial duties for the Arctic Station Council.