SCIENCE Research and Innovation

SCIENCE Research and Innovation is the faculty unit responsible for research and innovation, as well as the secretariat for the PhD school and student innovation and entrepreneurship.

The unit advises and assists sections and researchers, as well as management, in relation to applications for internal, external and international funding. The unit also provides assistance to department based researchers and administrative staff in both application and contract phases. Visit the Researcher Portal on KUnet to find out more about the unit, get help with your application, browse current calls from various councils and foundations, as well as find helpful information about writing workshops and informational meetings

In the PhD area, the unit works to implement University of Copenhagen PhD recruitment and programme strategies, in association with departmental PhD administrative units and the faculty’s researcher education programme. The PhD secretariat serves the head of the PhD school, the PhD committee where it handles administration, operations and development activities.

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Albert Schilling Kalnæs Student +45 353-37750 E-mail
Annica Jennie Nielsen Senior clerk   E-mail
Christopher John Sturrock Senior adviser +45 93 56 54 58 E-mail
Hanne Grand Clerical officer +45 353-21121 E-mail
Inge-Sofie Sørensen Head of Research and Innovation +45 353-24280 E-mail
Katja Pedersen Senior adviser +45 353-24236 E-mail
Lasse Wolthers Senior adviser +45 353-37978 E-mail
Marie Terpager Senior adviser +45 353-32947 E-mail
Michael Cleve Hansen Senior Executive Consultant Head of PhD section +45 353-32056 E-mail
Pia Fredberg Nielsen Senior Executive Consultant +45 353-32146 E-mail
Sille Jørgensen Academic administrative officer +45 353-24284 E-mail
Stefan Cornelis de Graaf Senior adviser +45 353-31268 E-mail
Søren Haslund Senior Executive Consultant +45 353-33465 E-mail
Vicki Hansen Administrative officer +45 353-24132 E-mail