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Councils, committees and boards

A number of councils, committees and boards at the Faculty contribute to ensuring consultancy, co-involvement and dialogue regarding academic, research and education and administrative issues.

Administration Forum

The purpose of the SCIENCE Administration Forum is to ensure that the Faculty's general administration and organisation are developed in a coordinated manner and following a joint strategy. Through coordination, standardisation and knowledge-sharing, the Forum must ensure sound and efficient administration and appropriate cooperation between the administration centres/department administrations and the Faculty Secretariat.

Contact: Pernille Witten Mogensen, Academic Officer

Advisory Board

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to provide the Faculty Management with direct sparring, criticism and advice from important stakeholders in the business community, organisations etc. The management presents SCIENCE's strategies, activities and plans for education, research, innovation, public-sector consultancy, business cooperation and dissemination and receives advice on the strategies and outlines of the activities.

Contact: Claus Thomsen, Head of Office

Academic Council

According to the Danish University Act, the Academic Council has some general tasks and some more specific tasks. The Council provides advice to the Dean about the internal distribution of grants, the central strategic research and education fields and plans for knowledge exchange.

Contact: Stein Larsen, Executive Consultant

Communication Committee

The Communication Committee coordinates the Faculty's communication activities. Its members are communication employees at department and faculty level.

Contact:  Birgitte Lyhne Broksø, Head of Communication

Employer panels

Through targeted dialogue with the Faculty, the Faculty's employer panels must contribute to ensuring the quality and relevance of the study programmes, including building bridges between the educational area and the labour market.
(See the Employer panels at SCIENCE - in Danish)

Contact: Ingelise Lundgaard, Executive Consultant

Faculty Working Environment Committee

The Working Environment Committee coordinates the working environment activities at SCIENCE.

Contact: Mette Maribo Høgsbro, Safety Manager

Faculty Research Committee (SFU)

The Faculty Research Committee is charged with providing advice to the Deputy Head of Department of research and the rest of the Faculty's management on existing and future research activities. The Committee is a forum for the dialogue between the Faculty Management and the employees on research-related issues.

Contact: Pia Fredberg Nielsen, Senior Adviser

Faculty Collaboration Committee (FSU)

The Collaboration Committee contributes to promoting the development of the cooperation between employees and management. The Committee discusses general issues relating to work and staff issues, major reorganisation projects, supplementary training activities and employee development as well as the Faculty's financial situation.

Contact: Stein Larsen, Executive Consultant

Faculty Teaching Committee (SCIENCE-UVU)

The general purpose of the Faculty's Teaching Committee is to provide advice to the Faculty's and the departments' management on all issues relating to the departments' responsibility for teaching that are relevant at an interdisciplinary level.

Contact: Betina Kongsbak, Deputy Head

PhD Committee 

The PhD Committee is appointed by the Rector of the University and consists of representatives from the academic staff (senior researchers) and PhD student representatives. The Committee collaborates closely with the Head of the PhD School and is responsible for the academic management of the PhD School of Science.
Read more about the PhD Committee at SCIENCE

Contact: Head of the PhD section Michael Cleve Hansen

SCIENCE Management Team (SLT)

The Faculty's Management Team aims to ensure coherent management at the Faculty. The Management Team consists of the Faculty management and the heads of department. Through information, discussions and decisions, it is charged with ensuring coherence and coordination across the Faculty.

Contact: Stein Larsen, Executive Consultant

SCIENCE Dialogue Forum

The Associate Deans of education engage in a regular dialogue with selected representatives of the students on behalf of the Dean under the name of the SCIENCE Dialogue Forum. The primary tasks of the Dialogue Forum are: 1. to ensure a close relation between students and management; and 2. to strive to provide the best possible framework for the study environment and culture.

Contact: Gitte Henchel Madsen, Deputy Head

Head of Studies

The heads of studies are responsible for the practical organization of teaching, tests and other assesments that are part of examinations. This is done in collaboration ved the study board. 
(See a list of heads of studies at SCIENCE - in Danish)

Contact: Ingelise Lundgaard, Executive Consultant

Study boards

The study boards must ensure the organisation, realisation and development of education and teaching.
(See the Study boards at SCIENCE - in Danish)

Contact: Ingelise Lundgaard, Executive Consultant