Digitalisation and external engagement

Scientist in greenhouse

Digitalisation is transforming the ways in which we live, work (together) and communicate. At SCIENCE, we work closely with public organisations and the private sector to discover what types of digital knowledge and development are needed by society. The Faculty of Science’s world class research and academic programmes leave a significant imprint on Danish society by creating solutions that harness the opportunities afforded by digitalisation – in an ethically defensible manner. This includes new opportunities for transferring knowledge to society, facilitating data sharing and increasing the availability of research results through digital tools and open platforms.

SCIENCE Digitalisation Council

The SCIENCE Digitalisation Council is an advisory body set up to help exploit the many opportunities afforded by digitalisation through visionary proposals and recommendations. This work applies to research, academic programmes, career preparedness, communications and administrative operations. The Council will also contribute to ensure that the faculty makes all necessary digital investments.

The primary aim of the Council/Board is to focus on the shaping of our academic programmes to ensure that we remain at the digital forefront without losing sight of the university’s core activities: research, research-based programmes and external collaboration. The Council is composed of individuals from the private and public sectors alongside SCIENCE representatives.









Five initiatives for digital transformation

The SCIENCE Digitalisation Council’s recommendations will be woven into strategic initiatives that lead to digitally competent graduates, innovative collaborations with organisations and world-class research that contributes to solving important societal challenges that make Denmark a digital frontrunner.

A comprehensive digital initiative has been underway at SCIENCE from 2017 through 2020. It is designed to contribute to the digital development of the Faculty's research and education programmes. As part of this initiative, more than 50 million DKR has been set aside to equip researchers, students and the current workforce for the digital transformation of the future. Specifically, SCIENCE is working with five digital initiatives, which you can read more about below.