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SCIENCE Student Services – University of Copenhagen

SCIENCE Student Services

Get guidance and help during your studies or learn about your options for becoming a student at SCIENCE.

 CALL us on 35 33 35 33
at 9-14 on weekdays (closed Wednesday)

Practical questions about

  • systems – for example Self service, Digital Exam, Absalon
  • course- and exam registration
  • an application you have already sent.

Guidance about

  • your course of study – planning and choices during your studies
  • illness, parental leave and changed plans
  • motivation and doubt
  • your future plans and your career.


 Screen sharing or video call?

We can guide you directly on your screen – use your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Are you using tablet or smartphone, you can download the Zoom app before you call us.

a guidance session

Book a guidance session
The session could for example be about

  • overview and planning of your course of study
  • your future plans and your career
  • motivation and doubt
  • illness and a changed course of study.


Book a special support guidance session
A special support guidance session is for students with impairment and could for example be about

  • SPS and special support at your programme
  • changed study plan because of your impairment
  • motivation during your studies.


All sessions will take place at Dyrlægevej 10, 1870 Frederiksberg C.

e.g. transcript of grades or study confirmation

You can receive documents on your e-mail or by post and notify us about changes.

Order a transcript of grades/temporary diploma

Order stamped and signed documents

Order documentation of your enrolment status

Register your CPR number

Change of address

If you are not a student at SCIENCE, please write us an e-mail with your name, study programme, phone number, and what you need from us.


Please write in the subject field which study programme you are enrolled at or interested in.

Write from your KU-mail, if you are a student at University of Copenhagen.

a study event

As a SCIENCE student, you can join our SPOT ON events about e.g.

  • study techniques
  • study abroad
  • career.

Find SPOT ON events and other study events at KUnet

  • 14 October - 18 October
  • 6 December from 12:00-14:00
  • 23 December 2019 - 1 January 2020