HubMeeting: People buy stories, not products.

How do you attract partnerships, investors, sales or employees?  

Join an afternoon where you get to understand the neurological and psychological dynamics that drive behavior.

Thursday March 5th from 14:30-16:30 in SCIENCE Innovation Hub, Nørre Alle 63, 2nd floor. 
From a rational perspective it is common sense that most people, let´s call them customers, analyze and evaluate product and price before they decide where to spend their money. However, if we dive into the science of persuasion we will discover that the rational paradigm we were taught in school is an illusion.

Actually we are much more driven by emotional cues and basic drives than one would expect. In short, people buy stories – not products. So if you want to increase sales you have to understand the neurological and psychological dynamics and processes that drive buying behavior.   

Jesper Koch has worked with customer experience management and behavior design for more than 20 years, and is very experienced when it comes to converting innovative ideas into successful enterprises. Jesper is a former CEO of the Gazelle awarded company European Spermbank, and the brain behind a number of successful branding strategies and campaigns in Scandinavia, UK, Germany, Austria and the states. He holds a MSc in psychology and a number of academic certificates from INSEAD, Wharton, etc.

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Talk: People buy stories, not products

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