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29 January 2019

Update your academic publishing toolbox

Scholarly publishing is a cornerstone of the scientific professions and the universities they are affiliated with. This course provides insights to different facets around scientific research publishing.


PhD students from SCIENCE and SUND, University of Copenhagen. Academic staff (VIP) is also welcomed.

2 course dates are planned:

11 Marts 2019. Registration deadline 4 March 2019.

Read more: https://kunet.ku.dk/nyhedsrum/arrangementer/Sider/Update-your-academic-publishing-toolbox---PhD-course-for-SCIENCE-%26-SUND.aspx

29 April 2019. Registration deadline 23 April 2019

Read more: https://kunet.ku.dk/nyhedsrum/arrangementer/Sider/phdtoolboxsundsciencedk.aspx