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At Matchmaking events students at SCIENCE have the chance to meet and interact with actors from the private and the public sector. SCIENCE usually hosts five themed and cross-disciplinary matchmaking events per year targeting students from different study programmes. The event consist of a plenary session with short presentations by the public and private sector representatives followed by a speed-dating session where students can book 10 minute one-on-one meetings with companies to discuss collaboration on student projects (e.g. BSc Project, MSc thesis, Project in Practice). 

From September 2018, we also engage in the Get ready for your Thesis meetings - twice a year - where we together with Career and Study Guidance give advice on how to collaborate with a company during the Thesis. We also invite a company and a student to tell about their experiences with collaboration across and also have them give some good advice. The purpose is to give you, students, an opportunity to ask questions before considering on whether or not to collaborate with a company during your Thesis and give some advice on how to find a relevant company to collaborate with.

ATT. Medio May we will announce the future Matchmaking Events on this homepage (Fall 2019 - Spring 2020).

  • 26. april 2019, kl. 12:30-16:30

    Smart and Sustainable Cities

    Would you like to write a project in collaboration with a company or public authority on Urban Planning, Smart Grids, Climate Adaptation, Waste and Water Management and Recycling or other aspects of Smart and Sustainable Cities? » Læs mere