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Research profile

Founded on basic research and applied research

Research at the Faculty of Science rests on two pillars: On the one hand strong basic research, and on the other application-oriented research, which will contribute to growth and employment and solve society’s problems, for example within climate change, sustainable energy supplies, biological production, environmental challenges, food and water safety, lifestyle diseases and IT security.

The faculty has 11 departments, which are further organised into sections.

Academic weight attracting more competent researchers

The faculty’s researchers are key players in two of the four national UNIK grants, and have received 13 grants from the European Research Council (ERC). The faculty’s research environments have the academic weight to attract researchers at a high international level. In the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme, the faculty’s researchers attracted approx. half of all the Marie Curie postdoc fellowships in Denmark.

The Faculty of Science is also host to 7 Centres of Excellence financed by the Danish National Research Foundation (DNRF) with section heads participating in a further three.