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How to Apply 

1. Application to IDB

The eligible candidates for the scholarships must apply to IDB through their education and development institutions in their country in accordance with IDB scholarship application procedures and deadlines.

Deadlines for applications for the IDB Merit Scholarship Programme is 31 January every year.

Once the candidate(s) is selected, the IDB will issue a scholarship offer letter on their selection as Merit Scholar – providing full details of the terms and conditions of the scholarship award.  

The IDB will then notify the SCIENCE, UCPH about the list of selected PhD scholars. Please note, that selected candidates are not granted automatic placement at SCIENCE, UCPH, but must gain admission through the normal admission procedure at SCIENCE.

Please see more information about how to apply on

2. Application to SCIENCE, UCPH

Once you have received the scholarship offer from the IDB, you must take contact to the department at SCIENCE, that best suits your research. For a list of department contacts, please see the PhD School contacts website. They can help you with the next steps.

Among other things, you will need to:

  • Agree the necessary supplementary financing to the IDB scholarship with the department (see your individual offer from IDB)

  • Find a person at the department, who can be your principal supervisor during the PhD programme. Read more about PhD supervisors at SCIENCE.

  • The department will help you form an application for enrolment for the PhD School. The application must be in PhD Planner, the PhD administration system at SCIENCE, and the material must include among other things the scholarship letter from the IDB.

  • The PhD school of Science evaluates the application material and issues an enrolment letter, if the application is approved. 

3. Admission letter and clearance letter

Upon the Scholar’s securing admission at the University, he or she will receive the following:

  • SCIENCE, UCPH issues the admission letter with the start and end date for the PhD Study programme and other relevant details.

  • The IDB issues a clearance letter for scholar to authorize him to study at the University. This letter will indicate the amount of tuition/bench fees at the University and other important features of placement under the scholarship.

The department must send a copy of the final clearance letter to the PhD School, 

4. Statements and other reports to IDB during the PhD programme

Once the PhD student has been awarded the scholarship and admitted to the PhD School at SCIENCE, there are some obligations that need to be fulfilled during the PhD programme.

The Department must make sure to:

  • Send a financial statement each year to IDB (MOU section 2.8 (c): this refers to the invoice of tuition fees for each IDB scholar.
  • Send a copy of the enrolment letter from the PhD School to IDB for approval.
  • Send a copy of each PAR (progress assessment report) to IDB for approval.
  • Send a copy of the final statement from the principal supervisor to IDB for approval.

The above must be sent to: Lakdhar M Kadkadi,

More information

For more information about the requirements of the PhD study at SCIENCE, please see our website for enrolled PhD students and also the "Faculty PhD Rules" .