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Islamic Development Bank

Islamic Development Bank (IBD) is a multilateral development bank established by Articles of Agreement to foster economic development and social progress of its member countries by participating in various development activities including educational, science and health related projects. 

IDB and The Faculty of Science, UCPH, have agreed to establish IDB-University of Copenhagen Scholarships, to support students at the University who are nationals of any IDB Member Country (see list in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) below) and who are offered a place for PhD study and research at the SCIENCE, UCPH.

The aim is to attract and select candidates from IDB Member Countries of outstanding academic merit and award Scholarships for PhD studies and research in the fields of Science and High-technology.

Duration and funding

The agreement between IDB and SCIENCE, UCPH regarding these scholarships, is currently valid for the academic years 2016/17 to 2021/22.
The duration of the individual scholarship and the PhD programme is normally 3 years from the start date to the PhD thesis is handed in.

Details on the funding are subject to individual agreement in the scholarship offer from IDB to the candidate. General guidelines on the tuition fee, living allowance and other PhD related costs can be found in the MOU below.  

Who can apply

Nationals of any IDB Member Country, who have been given a scholarship offer from IDB and who meets the requirements for candidates for the PhD programme at SCIENCE, UCPH. The applicant can apply under the three year PhD programme and must hold qualification equivalent to a Danish MSc degree.
For more information, please see our "Faculty PhD Rules" and PhD Website

How to apply

The application process is described on our website 'How to apply'.

Further information

For further information about IDB, please contact Lakdhar Kadkadi, Senior Scholarship Specialist, IDB,

For further information about the PhD programme at SCIENCE, please contact Michael Cleve Hansen, 

Read more in the 'Memorandum of Understanding' (MOU) between IDB and SCIENCE, UCPH.