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Submission of the PhD Thesis

When getting ready to hand in the PhD thesis, the student and principal supervisor must make sure, that all elements of the PhD programme have been fulfilled and prepare a number of things and documents.

Please note, submitted PhD theses will be subject to control of plagiarism - read more below

Getting ready to hand in you PhD thesis

Assessment Committee

Send in via PhD Planner

Approximately one month before the date for handing in, the principal supervisor must send in a suggestion for assessment committee to the PhD school.

The committee consistes of 3 assessors:

  • an internal assessor 
  • two external assesors 

The PhD student must approve the composition of the committee.

Read more in the Faculty Rules, section 5.2.

Principal supervisors final report

Send in via PhD Planner

The principal supervisors final report sums up the elements of your PhD study programme.

Please remember to also check your PhD Course Portfolio before submitting the supervisors final report. 

Co-author Agreements

Go to KUnet for form

For each manuscript or published paper submitted with the thesis that has been written in collaboration with others, a co-author statement must be completed and signed by the first author, the corresponding-/senior author and the PhD student.
If there are two or three authors the statement must always be signed by them all.

Publication agreement

Go to KUnet for form

The publication agreement is recommended, but not mandatory to hand in.

You can read more about the purpose and background in the form.

Receipt for handing in the PhD Thesis

Go to KUnet for form

When handing in the PhD Thesis at your department, you will receive a receipt for handing in. 

The receipt contains basic information about your PhD Programme and also questions about IPR and confidentiality. 

Book about graduated PhDs

Information is entered into PhD planner

All PhD Students must make a short, popular abstract of their PhD thesis formulated in an easily understood language.

The abstract will be part of an annual book compiling the graduated PhDs of the year. 

You can read more in the the Faculty PhD rules. Please see section 5.1. p. 20.

PhD Thesis

The PhD thesis must be submitted to the Department in four hard copies and uploaded to PhD Planner as an OCR-readable (editable) PDF file.

You can find the formal requirements for a PhD Thesis at the Faculty of SCIENCE in the  Faculty PhD rules. Please see section 5.1, pp. 19-20.

The designguide of the University of Copenhagen has designed a template for the PhD thesis.

The website is currently in Danish only, but if you look at the upper right side of the website, you will find a box that says "download". Press "Engelsk: Speciale/ph.d.-afhandling" and the template should open.

Control of Plagiarism

The University of Copenhagen wishes to promote responsible conduct of research. The University therefore screens PhD theses to see whether they contain passages that overlap pre-existing text without proper attribution of source.


In some cases, parts of the PhD thesis may be regarded as confidential due to considerations to external cooperation partners.

However, the assessment and confirmation of the PhD degree must be based solely on the fully open section of the thesis, which must be presented as an independent thesis.

Read more in section 5.1 (p. 20) in the Faculty PhD rules and contact your local PhD Secretary   .

When handing in the PhD thesis, it must be clearly stated if there are any confidentiality issues. The circumstances regarding the confidentiality and the expected duration of the confidentiality must be described and enclosed.

For more information, please see the Faculty PhD Rules and/or contact you department PhD secretary.

Handing in at the department

You hand in the hard copies of the PhD thesis at the department. All other documents are uploaded to PhD Planner. For more information, please contact your department PhD secretary.