PhD Plan – University of Copenhagen

PhD Plan

The PhD plan is prepared jointly by the PhD student and the principal supervisor when the student applies for admission to the PhD School of SCIENCE. It is a project management tool and should be in sufficient detail to form a basis for the regular assessments of the progress of the PhD study programme.

Please note, that the reminder e-mail is sent out to all PhD Students.
If you have already sent in the final PhD Plan and had it approved, there is no need to hand in the form again. 

Final PhD Plan

Deadline Must be approved at the PhD School 3 months after enrolment
  • A schedule, description and time table
  • An agreement on the type and scope of supervision
  • A plan for the PhD project
  • A plan for PhD courses
  • A plan for exchange of scientific environment of approx. three months at another institution in DK or abroad
  • A plan for teaching and knowledge dissemination  activities
  • Any agreement on intellectual property rights
  • A financing plan (budget)
  • Signatures from PhD student, principal supervisor and PhD coordinator, on the form or by e-mail.
Application Applications for both the preliminary as well as the final PhD Plan go through PhD Planner.

A preliminary PhD Plan is sent in along with the application for enrolment.

After enrolment, all PhD students must deliver a final PhD plan to the PhD School for approval. The final PhD plan must be approved no later than 3 months after enrolment. 

Updates and Changes

The plan is a project management tool and should be detailed enough to form the basis for the regular assessment, progress assessment report, three to five times during a PhD study. The plan is dynamic and must be continuously updated e.g in connection with major changes to the project, changes in relation to stays at other research institutions or environments, leave of absence etc.

In case of major changes  to the plan (changes to the overall content and plan for the PhD Programme), the PhD plan must be adjusted and approved by the PhD student and principal supervisor and PhD coordinator. 

The revised PhD plan must then be sent to the PhD School via the departments PhD Secretary, who will assist you with the approval from the PhD Coordinator.

In case of minor changes to the project (other/new courses, new dates for change of environment etc.), it is sufficient to inform the PhD School in the next Progress Assessment Report.

Responsible for the PhD Plan

The principal supervisor is responsible for preparing and maintaining the PhD plan. The plan must be signed by the principal supervisor, PhD student, PhD coordinator and approved by the Head of the PhD School of SCIENCE.