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Course Portfolio

As a PhD student you must complete course work during your PhD Programme. To fulfill the reqirements of the PhD programme at SCIENCE, there are a number of rules and guidelines to follow, including:

  • You must complete course work corresponding to approx. 30 ECTS
    • A minimum of 10 ECTS must be of scientific PhD courses
    • A maximum of 5 ECTS may be for conferences
  • You must participate in our mandatory course(s)

All your course work must be approved by your principal supervisor, the PhD school and in some cases also your PhD coordinator. Apart from courses, other types of activities can also be accepted as course work.

Course portfolio is created in your PhD Plan when you apply for enrolment and updated later on in your final PhD Plan and in your Progress Assessment Reports. Passed courses will be registered on your frontPlanner profile during the PhD study programme. 

How to apply

Course certificates for passed SCIENCE* courses, courses in the national PhD database and MSc courses from Danish universities must be added to the course activity in PhD Planner.

*Please note, if you have signed up for a PhD course via frontPlanner and the course is registrered as passed in your course overview in frontPlanner, it is not necessary to send in a course certificate.

For other passed courses, applications for approval of courses and ECTS, including diplomas must be sent to the PhD Section via PhD Planner.

You can read more about the requirements, the types of course work we accept and approval procedures here:

Coursework - rules and requirements