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SCIENCE - An international research environment

SCIENCE welcomes international PhD students
University of Copenhagen is highly ranked in Europe. We have modern laboratories and class rooms and world-class reseachers, making the university attractive for many PhD students from all over the world.

Together with international staff members, these students contribute to SCIENCE’s international focus - an essential part of being a major player in a globalized world.

Most of our research groups have international staff members as well as close contacts to research groups at universities or companies outside of Denmark.

Positions are open to all nationalities – a few research topics do, however, occasionally require you to speak Danish in order to be able to communicate with children and farmers in participatory studies.

International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU)
The University of Copenhagen is a member of the IARU, which is an alliance of ten of the world’s leading research universities. The main objective of IARU is to give researchers and students the opportunity to engage in international research and research-based teaching. The universities share similar visions and are all globally orientated.

Partners in research
Research at SCIENCE can be basic as well as applied. Funding is obtained from governmental sources in Denmark (basic funding and research grants), from private funds, EU research programs, and industrial partners in Denmark and abroad.