13 August 2015

SCIENCE researchers and students adorn the fence at Jagtvej


The board fence along the building site for the Niels Bohr Building at Jagtvej is currently providing a colourful insight into SCIENCE’s contribution to society. In large picture portraits, 15 scientists from SCIENCE explain how each of them helps tackle society’s challenges. On other posters, ten students from SCIENCE draw attention to graduates with educational backgrounds especially needed by Danish society, such as agricultural economists, mathematicians and computer scientists. The board fence also carries large illustrated posters with information about the future Niels Bohr Building and about Copenhagen Science City which SCIENCE forms part of.

The posters, which have been produced by SCIENCE Communication, are two metres high and two and a half metres wide and provide a foretaste of some of the research, study programmes, school outreach activities and business collaboration which the Niels Bohr Building will contain.

 ”The purpose of the posters is to show business and organisations that SCIENCE is an attractive partner, that we turn out graduates needed by Danish society and that passers-by may be inspired by the many things which will take place inside the new  building of 52,000 square metres” says John Renner Hansen, Dean at SCIENCE.

The board fence also carries large posters about Copenhagen Science City, the product of a close partnership between the City of Copenhagen, the Danish Building and Property Agency, the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education and University of Copenhagen, the Rigshospitalet University Hospital, Symbion, BIO People, Copenhagen Bio Science Park, Bioneer and the Metropolitan University College.

Copenhagen Science City is Europe’s largest concentration of knowledge in the areas of medical and health sciences and the natural sciences and thereby helps strengthen the Greater Copenhagen region.