28 January 2014

UCPH aboard prestigious EU climate initiative

Climate Innovation

The University of Copenhagen has been invited to participate in Climate-KIC, an exclusive climate network tasked with catalysing climate-related innovation across borders and academic disciplines.

In recent years, many at UCPH have strived to involve the University with the EU’s Knowledge and Innovation Communities, or ‘KIC’s’. On 7 February 2014, the University will begin taking part in one of these European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) funded initiatives. The participation was realised thanks to an invitation from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) with regard  to an application to the Climate-KIC for the establishment of a Nordic Co-Location Centre.

Associate Dean for Private and Public Sector Services, Erik Bisgaard Madsen

Associate Dean for Private and Public Sector Services, Erik Bisgaard Madsen

Commenting on the University’s participation in the Climate-KIC, Associate Dean for Private and Public Sector Services, Erik Bisgaard Madsen says that: “Being invited to participate in the Climate-KIC presents a unique strategic opportunity for the University of Copenhagen. In part, it provides our climate and sustainability research environments with the opportunity to collaborate with world-class researchers and see the Faculty’s study programmes benefit as a result. It also cements our standing as a University that devises solutions for possibly the greatest challenges faced by our planet, those related to climate, and the creation of possibilities for innovative actors that contribute solutions to these challenges.”

KICs aim to present solutions for cross border societal issues. By gathering top businesses, researchers and students into strong networks, the ambition of the KIC is to devise innovative, holistic and useful solutions for well-defined and carefully selected national and international societal challenges. One of these challenges is climate. Climate-KIC partners will work to develop new technologies to combat global climate change and promote increased sustainability among humankind. The Climate-KIC includes more than 180 partners from businesses, universities, public authorities, NGO’s and other relevant actors.

UCPH’s Climate-KIC involvement
UCPH researchers and students are well equipped to address challenges and contribute towards solutions in the Climate KIC’s eight thematic platforms:

  • Greenhouse Gas Monitoring
  • Sustainable City Systems
  • Transforming the Built Environment 
  • Adaptation Services
  • Land and Water Engineering for Adaptation
  • Bioeconomy 
  • Industrial Symbiosis
  • Making Transitions Happen

Land and Water Engineering for AdaptationAll eight platforms will include work with innovation, education and entrepreneurship and UCPH has made bids for involvement with each. In particular, SCIENCE’s research and study environments will contribute to the Climate-KIC. This includes the Department of Biology, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, as well as the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management. Cross faculty disciplines will also be involved, and the Faculty of Humanities will contribute knowledge having to do with history, consumer behaviour and global cultures, for example. During the next few months, the most important task for UCPH academic environments will be to find out how the University can best contribute to the Climate-KIC especially with regard to activities, which ought to be financed in 2015 with special focus on education and entrepreneurship.

What is Climate-KIC?
Climate-KIC has been in existence since 2009 and will now include six Co-Location Centres (CLC’s) in the UK, Holland, France, Germany, Switzerland and Denmark. A KIC is affiliated with ”core partners”, typically large businesses and universities, as well as a range of ”affiliated partners” which may consist of businesses, universities and public authorities. While core partners draft the KIC’s action plan and participate in strategic development, the work of affiliated partners is limited to participation in selected projects.

For more information, please contact:
Erik Bisgaard Madsen Associate Dean for Private and Public Sector Services at SCIENCE, UCPH
3533 2011, proem@science.ku.dk

Sara Melhedegård Mørch, KIC Coordinator
3532 0230, sara.morch@science.ku.dk