04 December 2013

New professorship funded by the Carlsberg Foundation puts Denmark at the forefront of yeast research


Jure Piskur has been named Professor of Molecular Food Microbiology in the Department of Food Science at the University of Copenhagen. Part of the idea behind the professorship is to strengthen Denmark’s position in yeast research, a move that will benefit a range of Danish companies that use yeast in their manufacturing processes, including Carlsberg. The professorship is being funded by the Carlsberg Foundation and will be known as a Carlsberg Foundation Chair in Molecular Food Microbiology.

Jure Piskur has spent several years conducting excellent basic research in yeast genetics, enzymology, biodiversity, nucleic-acid metabolisms, cancer and experimental evolution, including at Lund University.

In recent years, he has also carried out more applied research, focusing on generating new knowledge about the properties of yeast and bacteria in food in order to address specific challenges in areas such as wine and beer fermentation.

Head of Department Bjarke Bak Christensen, Department of Food Science, says:

“The Department of Food Science already has a strong position in food fermentation technology, biodiversity and in screening of new strains of yeast and bacteria. Jure Piskur’s appointment provides a strong basic research platform and strengthen our molecular approach to food microbiology, which undoubtly will put us among the world elite in yeast research. This will both improve our teaching and help industries that use yeast in production, including companies such as Carlsberg, Chr. Hansen, Novozymes, DuPont and parts of the bread industry.”

Professor Flemming Besenbacher, chair of the Carlsberg Foundation, says:

“I am convinced that Professor Jure Piskur’s appointment as Carlsberg Foundation Chair at the University of Copenhagen will provide a boost to yeast research both in Denmark and internationally. Yeast research is a very important key area for Carlsberg. This close link with leading researchers in the fermentation area will put the company right at the forefront of the brewing industry. I am also pleased to see closer ties between Carlsberg as an industrial concern on one hand, and the academic world on the other – in this case, the University of Copenhagen.”

Jure Piskur will take up the post in early April 2014.

He is 53 and is currently a professor at Lund University.

The Carlsberg Foundation is contributing DKK 7.5 million toward the costs of the professorship.


Professor Jure Piskur, e-mail: jure.piskur@biol.lu.se

Dean, John Renner Hansen, e-mail: dekan@science.ku.dk

Professor and chairman Flemming Besenbacher, e-mail:  f.besenbacher@carlsbergfoundation.dk