29 August 2012

Morten Pejrup - SCIENCE's new associate dean for research

Associate Dean

61-year-old geography professor, Morten Pejrup, has been appointed as new Associate Dean for Research at SCIENCE. He comes from the post of acting department head at the Department of Geography and Geology. Pejrup will take up the new position on 1 October.

Morten Pejrup

Morten Pejrup is an internationally active and acclaimed researcher with more than 30 years of experience with research and teaching at the university level, and 20 years of experience with research and staff leadership. He also served as the interim Head of Department at the Department of Geography (ICG) and Geology during the merging of ICG and the Department of Forest and Landscape as part of the new SCIENCE faculty.

 “I've always been interested in research management and research policy and, pursuant
to this, I've sat on numerous national and international professional boards, committees and funding bodies. I am well-versed in the professional and organisational framework conditions that apply at SCIENCE, and the demands with regards to administration and finance. Therefore, I feel well -suited to this new position as associate dean,” says Pejrup.

Morten Pejrup is a professor of geography who specialises in geomorphology – a sub-field within geography which deals with landforms, the composition of landscapes and the processes that take place upon the Earth's surface, as well as processes upon the surfaces of other planets. Among other things, his current research projects address the transformations of the planet's coastlines since the last ice age, and look at how coastlines will continue to develop in the future – also with  regards to  climate change and rising sea-levels. 

The new position as Associate Dean for Research is provisional for 5 years. The challenges are quite extensive at this point in the merger process, when the merging of faculties and departments is in full swing.

“I already have an intimate understanding of the research areas at the former faculty of natural sciences, and the past half-year has given me a great deal of insight into the departments and academic fields at the former Faculty of Life Sciences (LIFE). Therefore, I feel well-prepared to lead the research related integration and coordination between the two faculties. In this context it is important to strengthen the new professional ties and collaborations across the still visible faculty lines. I will benefit in the new position from my experience between 2006-2011 when I sat on the Faculty of Science's Research Committee. Therefore, I'm delighted to be able to lead the new committee at SCIENCE for the next five years. If I should address any specific areas that we should concentrate on, one would be that we maintain and enhance the quality in the PhD area and also to bring home more funding for our researchers from among other sources, the EU and the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation.” Morten Pejrup replaces Professor John Mundy in the post. Mundy has served for six years.