27 June 2012

Ph.D. "Oscar" for Copenhagen Chemist

The illustrious “Springer Thesis Award” for 2012 has gone to Rasmus Brogaard, a recent PhD graduate of the Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen. The award was given for the thesis “Molecular Conformation and Organic Photochemistry – Time-Resolved Photo Ionization Studies”.

The thesis prize is awarded by Springer, a leading global scientific publisher of renowned scientific journals and books. Winners get a cash prize of 500 Euro, but winning theses are also published in the book series: ”Springer Theses: Recognizing Outstanding PhD research

According to the Deputy head of the Department for Research, Professor Ole John Nielsen, this must be considered:

“An insanely great honour. This is like winning an Academy Award, an Oscar, for best motion picture”.

At Springer, they are pleased with the reactions at University of Copenhagen. Editor Tobias N. Wassermann feels that the Department of Chemistry has every reason to be proud of the award.

“For me personally this has been a particularly nice project: Rasmus Brogaard’s thesis really is of exceptional quality and deserves to obtain this distinction. It has been a pleasure to work together with both Rasmus and also his supervisor Theis Sølling. We would welcome further nominations from University of Copenhagen in the future, and I will invite your faculty to participate again with pleasure next year,” says Dr. Wassermann.

Dr. Rasmus Brogaard has had the pleasure of no less than two supervisors on his project.  Theis Sølling, who is an Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen Department of Chemistry, and Klaus B. Møller from the chemistry department of the Technical University of Denmark, DTU. According to Brogaard the collaboration between the two people and their institutions has been instrumental in the success of the thesis.

"Klaus and Theis both have been huge sources of inspiration during my studies. Their collaboration has contributed hugely to making this project succeed. Theis and Klaus both have a huge share in this award" says the the newly minted PhD.

Rasmus Brogaard is presently working on catalysis chemistry at American University Stanford on a postdoctoral appointment.