Former participants experiences

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Quotes / recommendations from former participants in the Young Investigator Coaching:

  • Stefano De Dominicis, NEXS, YIC 2018: Participating in Young Investigator Coaching has opened my eyes. To use a metaphor, participating in YIC has been like a transformation process from a worm to a butterfly.

  • Jiwoong Lee, CHEM, YIN 2017: It changed the course of my research and gave me a valuable network.

  • Frederik Diness, CHEM, YIN 2016: Both Peter and Søren are good at uncovering the challenges discussed at the sessions and guide you to the core of the matter. Moreover, the group of participants comprises a great future network.

  • Katarzyna, DIKU, YIN 2015: Inspiring yet ’ground’ shaking; the highly experienced coaches from industry will help you first to identify your strengths and weaknesses as a researcher and industrial collaborator and will help you to sketch possible pathways for the future. You will not get this type of assessment from any of you academic leaders or colleagues at the university. To best benefit from the course, be open for being vulnerable and accept critical feedback as well as honest, well-deserved praise. It is truly an ‘eye-opener’ for who you really are and what you want to achieve along your career. Of course, all discussions are highly-confidential, which is a huge plus.

  • Rasmus, DIKU, YIN 2015: Excellent chance to network with serious colleagues across science. I got very specific and useful advice from the two coaches on my case, I connected with 10 other young science researchers that I would otherwise never have interacted with, and I gained a new and broader perspective on my position and responsibilities in research through the whole process

  • Elena, IFRO, YIN 2015: The YIN has been an eye-opener and awakener. By participating I have understood what are my real challenges in doing research together with the industry; I have learned that I am not the only one experiencing those challenges; and most importantly I have gained my confidence back. I know that I can make it and am on the right way

  • Benedikte, NEXS, YIN 2015: Great initiative – we need more interaction between the industry and academia. I recommend this network to young investigators who want to explore the opportunities for collaboration between the industry and academia

  • Bernhardt, PLEN, YIN 2015: Two topnotch representatives of large and internationally successful Danish companies and motivated colleagues from SCIENCE willing to challenge, share and leave their own comfort zone – a great experience and an eye-opener in a very helpful and positive way. If you wonder how leading representatives from large companies see potential candidates for collaborations from university, what they define as strength, challenge or weakness – this network will show you, help you and guide you towards a stronger profile and making right decisions

  • Rosa, PLEN, YIN 2015: I would encourage any young researcher to participate in the Young Investigator Network. The coaches were absolutely fantastic and they provided me with feedback that will serve me not only in my collaboration with industry, but in all levels of my professional life. It is amazing how much reflection can be triggered in a 30 minute session and how much that helps you move forward

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