Sustainable and Healthy Foods for the Future

University of Copenhagen invite you to participate at our Food Day 2019 on August 28th 2019.

The presentations at the Food Day will inspire and draw perspectives on Sustainable Food Production trends and related research. Presentations will be given by international and national key persons form industry and research. The purpose is to give a good overview on state of the art of research and industry development today and how it can be utilized and further developed together with industry.
The latest advances in research will be presented in three tracks all related to the World-class Food Innovation towards 2030 - strategy develop by the Danish food industry and suppliers. The three tracks are:

  • Food production through circular economy
  • Food design – from molecular interaction to excellent eating
  • Foods and diets contributing to health and well-being

At University of Copenhagen research and education covers the complete sustainable food production system from field to consumers to waste including health of both humans, animals, crops and nature. We work closely together with industry in the development of new technologies and services.

More information regarding the World-class Food Innovation towards 2030 – strategy can be found here and the corresponding reply regarding research competencies at UCPH and DTU related to the strategy can be found here.

We kindly invite you to reserve the date or sign-up already now.

Program and speakers

9.30 - 10.00 Arrival – Registration – Morning coffee.
10.00 -10.10

Erik Bisgaard Madsen, Vice Dean, Private and Public Sector Services, Faculty of Science

10.10 - 12.00

Keynote speeches.

Session chair:
Inge Tetens, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

How to reduce climate impact while enhancing nutritional value and preserving exiting food culture.
Nicole Darmon, Research Director at INRA, France.

Changing the FOOD industry in five years – IBMs 5in5
Anders Quitzau, IBM.

Being the world's most sustainable company.
Thomas Schaefer, CSO & EVP , Chr Hansen.

Aquatic food production, new protein sources and its impact on the food sector.
Brian Thomsen, CEO, Dansk Akvakultur.

12.00 - 13.00


13.00 – 16.15

Break-out sessions (incl. Coffee break). (See which tracks to choose from below).

16.15 - 17.00

Snacks and networking.
Gastronomic Playground will be providing snacks and drinks.


Track 1: Food production through circular economy

Moderated by: Svend Christensen
Head of Department, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences

Sustainable processing methods / emerging technologies
Lilia Ahrné, Professor, FOOD

The role of online monitoring and artificial intelligence in sustainable food production
Klavs Martin Sørensen, Associate professor, FOOD

The Life Cycle Perspective of Circular Food Production Systems
Sander Bruun, Associate professor, PLEN

Circular food production challenges
Karin Beukel, Assistant professor, IFRO

Economics of aquaculture and sustainable seafood production
Rasmus Nielsen, Associate professor, IFRO

Track 2: Food design – from molecular interaction to excellent eating

Moderated by: Anna Haldrup
Head of Department, Department of Food Science

Fermentation - a step towards a more sustainable and healthy food production?
Lene Jespersen, Professor, FOOD

The fat and carbohydrate content in foods of tomorrow – a health perspective
Annemarie Lundsgaard, Postdoc, NEXS

Food fraud & analytical authenticity testing anno 2019
Kristian Holst Laursen, Assistant professor, PLEN

Acceptance of new technologies in food production
Christian Gamborg, Associate Professor , IFRO

Consumers' acceptance of novel foods
Søren Bøye Olsen, Professor, IFRO

Utilization of little used raw material: seaweeds, cephalopods, and ‘umamification’ of vegetables
Ole G. Mouritsen, Professor, FOOD

Track 3: Foods and diets contributing to health and well-being

Moderated by: Arne Astrup
Head of Department, Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports

Plant-based diets for a sustainable weight
Anne Raben, Professor, NEXS

Your gut microbiome – friend or foe
Dennis Sandris Nielsen, Professor, FOOD

Healthy and sustainable food for malnourished children
Benedikte Grenov, Postdoc, NEXS

Human intervention trials to support nutritional health claims
Thomas Meinert Larsen, Associate professor, NEXS

Nordic diets and foods – a model for a sustainable diet?
Susanne Bügel, Professor, NEXS

External and internal drivers of of consumers' dietary habits
Sinne Smed, Associate Professor, IFRO

The impact of obesity and overweight on greenhouse gases, and the role of food products in the solutions
Arne Astrup, Head of Department, NEXS

For Industry and organisations

We look forward to welcoming representatives from both management and development level of companies and organisations.
The amount of seats is limited to 200 and a waiting list will be created when that limit is reached.

For Researchers

We look forward to welcoming researchers from both UCPH and other universities. The day is all about collaboration both between researchers and between researchers and industry. There is a limited amount of seats available and we reserve the right to create a waiting list.

For Students

We look forward to welcoming students at the UCPH Food Day. There is a limited amount of seats available for students and we reserve the right to create a waiting list.