Online Courses

Faculty of Science (SCIENCE) offers unique distance learning in English which is accessible anywhere and any time all over the world. This flexibility has already appealed to hundreds of international students who are currently enrolled in a distance learning course.

Why choose distance learning at SCIENCE?

In SCIENCE’s distance learning courses students have the opportunity to study day or night. At the same time students are part of a social international network.

SCIENCE offers a unique distance learning platform and didactic methods that ensure interaction between students and e-teachers. Thus students not only become participants, but active creators of knowledge.

All resources in SCIENCE’s distance learning are available online and include videos, lecture presentations with speak, photos, books, and articles. SCIENCE’s distance learning are of high academic standard and attract the best guest professors from all over the world.

What kinds of studies are available as distance learning?

You can read about the details of our current courses by clicking the links below:

How are distance learning courses structured?

SCIENCE’s distance learning courses are set at either 7.5 or 15 credits. Each course is divided into themes under which you follow a number of e-modules.

During an e-module you will be able to find relevant texts, videos and audio files on SCIENCE’s distance learning platform. Additionally, you will be asked to take part in a number of online activities such as discussions and questionnaires. Students are assessed in various ways e.g. active participation, portfolio exam or a final written assignment.

What about application, admission and fees?

Each distance learning course has a limited number of participants. You apply by downloading, filling in and forwarding SCIENCE’s application form for distance learning courses. It depends on your current status as a student or a professional and on your citizenship - EU/EEA or non-EU/EEA – whether you will have to pay a course fee.

Read more about the application procedures, application deadlines, admission requirements and course fees by following the relevant links below:

  • Exchange students - you are categorised as an exchange student if:
    • you study at a partner university abroad and the course is part of an exchange study
  • Guest Students - you are categorised as a guest student if you are currently enrolled as:
    • a full degree student at a non-partner university abroad
    • a full degree student at a partner university and the course is not part of an exchange study
    • an exchange student at another Danish university
  • Credit Students - you are categorised as a credit student if you are currently enrolled as:
    • a full degree student at another Danish university or
    • a full degree student at one of the other faculties at the University of Copenhagen
  • Continuing Education
    • if you are working as a professional and want to improve your competences by following one of the courses *

* If the course is 100% online with no teaching on campus at all you can only apply for the course as continuing education if you are attached to a project, organisation, partners, etc and with close relations to researchers at the Faculty of Life Sciences.


If you have any questions you are very welcome to contact our study and career guidance counsellors in SCIENCE Student Services.