SCIENCE Private and Public Sector Services

SCIENCE Private and Public Sector Services is responsible for strategic and development tasks with the aim of strengthening the faculty's cooperation with industry, authorities and unions. The office is also hosting the Faculty's environment for entrepreneurial students, SCIENCE Innovation Hub. The tasks are solved in close cooperation with the faculty management and administration, the academic communities and the students at the SCIENCE institutes, in addition to national and international collaborators.

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Alice Redder Innovation consultant Recruitment, meeting and event coordinationm marketing, other communication, operational and development tasks for student startups in SCIENCE Innovation Hub +45 93 56 54 62 E-mail
Anja Hansen Senior adviser SCIENCE Working Group for Development secretariat services. Funding administration. SCIENCE input to Working Group for Development. Services for management. Communications, via website, etc. Donor care and coordination of lobbying. Institutional networks participation. (EFARD, GCARD, AgriDev and oth +45 353-32385 E-mail
Dorthe Lynnerup Senior adviser Daily management of SCIENCE Innovation HUB and associated activities and administrative tasks. +45 353-28097 E-mail
Jacob Juul Gade Senior Executive Consultant Facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration with the Faculty's startegic partners. Develop and implement the Faculty's strategy and action plan for collaboration with private and public sector. Servicing of faculty management. +45 353-31748 E-mail
Jeanette Jørgensen Senior executive secretary Division and senior secretary. Meeting and event coordination and organisation. Internal funding and accounts. Processing of hearing matters. +45 353-32000 E-mail
Kristine Engel Arendt Senior adviser Coordinate UCPH´s partnership in Climate-KIC. Initate and facilitate cross disiplinary collaboration with national and international partners. Servicing of the faculty management +45 353-32800 E-mail
Lise Lawaetz Winkler Senior adviser Facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration with the Faculty's strategic partners. Supporting internal development projects and matchmaking activities. Servicing of faculty management. +45 353-35167 E-mail
Lise Walsted Kristiansen Head of Office Management (personnel, accounts, other division area responsibilities). Administrative procedures and management service. Facilitation of private and public sector collaboration. Representative in various internal and external fora. +45 353-32036 E-mail
Mette Frimodt-Møller Senior Executive Consultant Support for the Faculty's strategic public sector collaboration. Support for the implementation of research and innovation policy initiatives and fundraising for significant strategic ventures. Managerial support. +45 353-32051 E-mail