SCIENCE Campus Service Planning

SCIENCE Campus Service Planning manages activities concerning the development and planning of faculty campus areas and construction projects. This involves project management related to:

  • Stakeholder involvement, in connection with planning and building.
  • Quality assurance (inspections), of building processes and results, in collaboration with the faculty’s operations unit, stakeholder groups, work environment team and faculty management.
  • Collaboration and coordination, with UCPH and the Danish Building and Property Agency.

Classroom Administration and Work Environment are based in Service Planning

SCIENCE Campus  Service Planning may be reached at (tel.) 35 33 31 13 or at:

Classroom administration may be reached at (tel.) 35 33 20 49 or at:


NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Anne B. NicholsonProject coordinator Primarily deals with the large-scale renovation of laboratory and climate control facilities. User coordination/SCIENCE project management of new building projects. +45 287-52592E-mail
Henrik R. R. BochTechnical project manager User coordination, engineering advice and commissioning of building and renovation projects. Editor of the project manual. +45 353-32084E-mail
Kim DalkiærAttendant  +45 287-50881E-mail
Maria Teresa JacobsenSenior adviser  +45 353-34318E-mail
sdv818 sdv818Attendant  +45 287-52997E-mail