The three winners in 2015 - from left to right: Anders Anker Bjørk, Natural History Museum of Denmark; Lene Irene Olsen, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences; Thorbjørn Juul Morsing, Department of Chemistry.

Who are given the awards:

Three awards, each worth DKK 25,000, are presented to three outstanding PhD projects which have been handed in and defended at the Faculty in the preceding year (awards are presented to graduates who have completed their PhD studies in the period from 1 June – 31 May). The sole evaluation criterion is the excellence of the project and the graduate. The purpose of the award is to honour the new PhD graduates from SCIENCE, to highlight the high quality of the PhD programmes at the Faculty and in particular to emphasise the great effort made by SCIENCE in the field of research training each year.

Selection of award winners:

The award is presented by the Dean on the suggestion of the Faculty’s research committee (SFU) on the basis of nominations from the Faculty’s departments. In May or June each year, the departments are asked to nominate two candidates for the award, preferably representing both genders. The candidates are selected among the PhD graduates who have submitted and defended their PhD thesis at the Faculty in the preceding year (awards are given to graduates who have completed their PhD programme in the period from 1 June – 31 May). SFU prioritises the nominated candidates/PhD projects and recommends three award winners to the Dean who makes the final decision about the award giving.When are the awards presented:

The awards are presented to the winners at an annual awards ceremony in September to which all PhD graduates from the year in question are invited to celebrate their graduation from their PhD programme.