SCIENCE Business Prize for Young Researchers

The SCIENCE Business Prize for Young Researchers is awarded to staff who have distinguished themselves through corporate partnerships and innovation, in either educational or research related contexts, in relation to, for instance: mutually beneficial results, discoveries, academic programme partnerships, knowledge networks, research collaboration, etc. The prize is awarded for public or private sector collaboration.

Nomination criteria

The Business Prize for Young Researchers focuses on younger researchers at the PhD and Postdoc level. Researchers are eligible for the prize based upon exceptional research, educational and/or communication related achievements that benefit Danish companies, and thereby deploy research or education for the benefit of society as a whole, by:

  • Pioneering/reshaping perspectives on standards within their field
  • Contributing to the implementation of new knowledge/technology for the benefit of a business/industry
  • Contributing to the increased competiveness of a company
  • Involving instructors from companies or organizations
  • Contributing to the transfer of knowledge to SME’s
  • Entering licencing agreements
  • Establishing a company
  • Supporting the development of concrete ideas and competencies related to innovation and entrepreneurship among students
  • Inspiring discovery among (other) students or researchers

As more of the above criteria are met, the heavier a nomination will be weighted in the selection process. Recommendations for the Business Prize for Young Researchers will include the participation of an external business interest to ensure the commercial value of a nominee’s work/results.

Designating a winner

Nominees will be evaluated by a selection committee composed of the following external reviewers:

  • Vice President Innovation Dairy Chr. Hansen, Anne Skriver
  • Adm. direktør Netcompany, Carsten Gomard
  • Senior R&D Manager Arla Foods, Henrik Jørgen Andersen
  • Project Director Haldor Topsøe, Jesper Nerlov

The winners of the 2017 SCIENCE Business Prize for Young Researchers were announced at the S80 meeting in the spring of 2017. The winner receives DKK 75,000 to further their professional aims.