The Industrial PhD Programme – University of Copenhagen

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The Industrial PhD programme

An Industrial PhD is a three-year PhD project, where the PhD student is employed by a private enterprise and has an enrolment at the university at the same time.

The PhD student is admitted to a PhD programme at the PhD School of SCIENCE like all other PhD students, but shares his/her working time between the private enterprise and the university as it makes sense for the project.

Application deadlines i 2017

  • 20 March at 12.00
  • 25 September at 12.00

Funding and requirements

The private sector company applies for funding from Innovation Fund Denmark for the project. The monthly salary subsidy for companies from Innovation Fund Denmark is DKK 17,000. The subsidy can max. make up 50% of the student’s salary.

Industrial PhD students are subject to the same requirements as all other university PhD students, but are not obliged to teach courses - it is not included in the contract. Industrial PhD students must also take a specific PhD business course. 

Help with your application form

When applying for an Industrial PhD project, the SCIENCE Reasearch and Innovation office can be of assistance with application advice, questions regading budget and the applcation system, e-grant. For more information, please see: 
The Researcher Portal (KUnet intranet page). 
For questions, please contact Stefan de Graaf at the SCIENCE Research and Innovation office,, tel. 35 33 12 68. 

No more business courses at the moment

Until now it has been mandatory for all Industrial PhD students to participate in a business course. However, no more courses are held at the moment, and students who are yet to participate are thus exempted from participating. The course’s 7.5 ECTS-points can be used on another project relevant course.

More information

Read more about the Indutrial PhD and Innovation Fund Denmark.