Progress Assessment Report – University of Copenhagen

Progress Assessment Report (PAR)

The progress assessment reports are regular assessments in the course of the PhD programme. The principal supervisor must assess the overall process and progress of the PhD student.

The PhD student receives a reminder approximately 2 weeks before the next progress assessment report is due.
If you do not recieve a reminder from the PhD School, please inform the PhD School on 

Please note, that the reminder e-mail is sent out to all PhD Students.
If you have already sent in the PAR and had it approved, there is no need to hand in the form again. 

You update you progress assessment report in PhD Planner.

Submission dates are determined by last day of enrolment:

Enrolment from
1 January 2015
Months before expected
submission date


--- --- 26 14 6
4+4 --- 38 26 14 6
3+5 50 38 26 14 6

Transition: Enrolment before 1 January 2015
  • If  the 6 month report has been approved, it replaces the 26-month report in the new scheme, the student is required to submit 14- and 6-month reports according to the new frequency
  • If the student has received approvals of the 6- and 12-month reports, they replace the 26- and 14 month reports, the student is required to submit the 6-month report according to the new frequency.
  • If the student has received approvals of the 6-, 12- and 24-month reports, no more reports should be submitted. 




The original  three reports and frequency is maintained, i.e. they must submit after 12, 24 and 36 months after the enrolment date.

Negative Progress Assessment Report
In case a progress assessment report is not approved by the supervisor, the PhD School must be informed immediately in order for a rectification plan to be initiated.

Please find the rules for how to proceed with a negative progress assessment report on our regulations site.

Leave of absence from your studies 
Please note that if you take a period of leave from the PhD study, the dates for submission of progress assessment reports  will change. You will be notified of the new dates after applying for leave of absence.