Mentor Network – University of Copenhagen

Mentor Network

Mentor network is the buddy programme for you - an international exchange student at SCIENCE.

The programme is offered to you by SCIENCE Student Services.

Mentor network are fellow students at SCIENCE who work voluntarily to give you a helping hand in the beginning of your stay in Copenhagen. This way we hope that your stay here begins in the best possible way.

How do I get a mentor?

You sign up for a mentor when you apply to SCIENCE as an exchange student. The Mentor network coordinators will then allocate a mentor to you.

How do I get in touch with my mentor?

Prior to your arrival in Copenhagen your mentor will contact you by email. Your mentor will be able to answer most of your questions regarding studying at SCIENCE and the life around campus.

What can a mentor do for me?

Your mentor can meet you at Copenhagen Airport/Copenhagen Central Station and take you to your accommodation.

After you have arrived, your mentor can help you with all kinds of practical matters e.g. getting your Residence Permit/National Security Number, public transportation and finding your way around campus.

What does the mentor network offer?

During the semester the mentor network will arrange several social events for all international students such as different tours around Copenhagen, parties and a weekend trip to the beautiful Danish countryside.

Do I HAVE to sign up for a mentor?

Of course not! You only have to sign up if you would like to have a mentor to help you getting settled here in Denmark. If you already know Denmark or enjoy the challenge of finding your own way around, you might not need the help of a mentor.

NOTE: If you decide not to sign up for a mentor, you can still participate in the events arranged by the mentor network and get a chance to meet the other international students at the Faculty of Science.